Interface PollManagerFactory

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public interface PollManagerFactory

This interface is used in conjunction with the JMX instrumentation ManagedDirectoryPoller of DirectoryPoller.

The JMX console user can specify the name of a class implementing this interface, which is in turn used to produce a set of PollManager objects which are added to ManagedDirectoryPoller.

The implementing class must have a public default constructor.


Method Summary
 PollManager[] createPollManagers(java.lang.String mBeanName)
          Create the PollManager to add to the ManagedDirectoryPoller MBean.
 java.lang.String getDescription()
          Provides a description of the factory

Method Detail


public PollManager[] createPollManagers(java.lang.String mBeanName)
Create the PollManager to add to the ManagedDirectoryPoller MBean.

The MBean JMX ObjectName is passed to the factory, so that it can discriminate among different Mbean instances.

* @param mBeanName the ObjectName of the MBean to which the PollManagers are going to be added. * @return PollManager[] the PollManager objects to add.


public java.lang.String getDescription()
Provides a description of the factory. * @return String

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